Current Projects

TUWAIRQI STEEL MILLS LTD   Insulation Work at Refractory Furnace Agreement dt.10 Feb 2009             43,900,000
    Sand Blasting & Painting Agreement dt 12.Jun 2009               5,250,000
    Painting on Pipes & Structure with Carboline Paint Agreement dt.15 Jan, 2009               3,435,000
QICT TERNINAL 2 HUACHANG POLYMER CO Grit Blasting, Painting of Steel Sheet Piles Agreement dt. 12 Feb, 2009             13,266,390
Bosicor DESCON Sand Blasting & Painting 1124-0123  Unit Rate 
Pakistan Refinery PRL Scaffolding Manpower LOA               9,121,104
SIEMENS PAKISTAN ABB SAWAN Hot & Cold Insulation of Piping P.O. No. 4502367544                  486,500
OGDCL (Various Locations) OGDCL Insulation of Pipeline/Gathering System PROC-FD/CBN/PIPELINE&FAB-13132/09             10,680,000
OGDCL (Various Locations)   Sand Blasting/Coating Wrapping of pipes & painting PROC-FD/CB/FAB&P/L-1314/2009  Rate Running 
ENGRO VOPAK EVTL LTD Remedial Painting & Surface preparation at EVTL EPLP-4631 dt.28.078.2009               1,995,129
ECPL – DAHARKI ECPL Garnet Blasting & Painting at PM&S-III)Phase-I) Contract #.22/06/2009 dt.24.06.2009               3,003,800
  ECPL Supply of Insulation Contract #. ECPL/3703               6,739,655
Engro PVC EPCL Annual Painting Material Contract No. EPCL/PAINT/8029  Rate Running 
    Annual Insulation Work    
KESC CNI-22 Civil Works & Manpower    Unit Rate 
PARCO DHDS CNCEC-16 Supply of Scaffolding Material L-HJ-AKS-002  Unit Rate 
    Sand Blasting & Painting AKS-001               1,000,000
PSO Lalpir PSO Misc Piping Work 4110008597               5,401,900
AES Lalpir AES Manpower    Unit Rate 
Hub Power-Narowal EKL Insulation Work at Refractory Furnace SW-248-0507/861  Unit Rate 
PPL-Sui PPL Protective Coating 4200018170                  875,000
  PPL Rubber Lining 4200015908                  234,000
Fatima Fertilizer CNCEC-7 Sand Blasting & Painting AKS-001  Unit Rate 
    Ammonia Storage Tank AKS-005               1,850,000
    Insulation Work AKS-007               1,700,000