Fertilizer & Chemicals

The Fertilizer Plants need highly skilled rigging when if comes to work on high Installations such as Tall Towers, it would not be untrue to say that this sector of industry has been AKS' Domain as it holds a unique record of having insulated, besides other applications, all major fertilizer plants that have come up in the country since, 1978. The reason being AKS' unmatchable ability to work in tenuously accessible areas and command over application of Cryogenic Insulation so widely user in this particular Industry. In keeping with its track record, AKS aims at continuing its domination in this sector, within its area of activity.


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  • Engro Chemical-Dharki, Dharki
  • Pak -Arab Fertilizer Comples Turn around 2001. Bin Qasim, Karachi
  • Fauji-Jordan Fertilizer Turnaround 2002, Bin Qaism, Karachi
  • ICI PTA Plant, Bin Qaim, Karachi
  • ICI PTA Plant Painting of Tanks, Bin Qasim, KArachi
  • Fauji- Fertilizer Complex-2, Sadikabad, Rahimyar Khan
  • Pak-Amerian Fertilizer Ltd., Iskandarabad, Mainwali
  • Pak-Arab Fertilizer Ltd., Multan
  • Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd., Daharki, Sukhar
  • Fauji Fertilizer Complex-1, Sadiabad
  • Ravi Chemical Complex-1, SheikhupuraBela Chemicals Industries Ltd., Caustic Soda Plant, Vinder, Baluchistan