Fiber Polyester Plants

AKS has participated in the Construction / Modification / Revamp of various Polyester, Chemical and Sugar Plants all over the country. AKS is favored by clients who require a high degree of expertise for the new Plants, Balancing and Modernization, Expansion and Maintenance of Insulation, Painting, HVAC, Fabrication and Installation, AKS has a strong refractory division that has been performing well in its particular area specially in Polyester Plants. With AKS clients do not have to fear schedule set backs for the job completion.

Polyester Fiber Plants

  • Novates, Karachi
  • Dewan Salman Fibre Plant Ltd., Hub Baluchistan
  • Rupali Polyester Ltd., Sheikhupure
  • Pak Fibre Ltd., Hub Baluchistan
  • Nishat Mills Ltd., Dyeing & Finishing Project, Lahore