Industrial Blasting & Painting

Industrial Blasting

The life of an industrial plant depends on how much protection is given against internal and external corrosive agents that are menacing for plant's life, proper and careful surface preparation and painting provides defense against such elements, other chemical and mechanical abuses. With high durability schemes, it is essential to remove all mill scale as well as other contaminants, if expensive coating schemes are to give affect. In addition good painting gives smooth and a pleasant finished look to the plant.

Paint Application

There are four common methods of applying coating to steel or other surface, the choice will depend on a number of factors including the size and type of areas; the type of system specified, the surface preparation specified and the standard of labour and power sources available.
The application of above methods needs necessary skill and craft. Even costly materials, if applied poorly, cannot deliver desired results, in the "Art" of industrial painting to help shield your plant against corrosion thus, ENHANCING ITS LIFE.