Safety & Security

Safety of men and material besides clients property is of immense important to AKS. While great importance is given to avoidance of accidents, maximum protection is accorded to workers against hazardous elements applications. which may not cause immediate damage but could be injurious in the long run especially to the skin and respiratory system. The worker are provided with basic and advanced education and training for adoption and use to safety Gears. Periodic Education and Display is a part of habit that AKS workforce has adopted.

Proper work out fits and safety devices such as hard hats cover-all, Gloves, Safety Glasses and Foot Wears are provided to the workers.
  • Face Masks are supplied to all workers for protection against dust and chemical fumes.
  • Oxygen supply is given to the workers engaged in the abrasive blasting in confined places.
  • Dead man switches are attached to blasting hoppers for blasting in the closed cells so that in case of any mishap to the nozzle man, the system trips off automatically.
  • Hoods and face / body shields are used by the abrasive blaster.
  • All Scaffolding and ladders are properly secured and reinforced.
  • Independent safety lines are tied to the safety belts of the workers working at height.
  • Maximum pneumatic tools are used but if electrical gadgets are used all cables are properly insulated.
  • First Aid Box is available at the Site.
  • Unlike, ordinary painting companies in Pakistan, who use poorly soldered locally made equipment, AKS used only pressure-tested imported hoppers for abrasive blasting to avoid dangerous inflationary explosions.
AKS Safety supervisory staff continuously watch the workers to ensure that they strictly adhere are tuned to Safety Culture