Thermal Insulation

While fuel saving is the principal advantage of insulation in Industrial Plants, there are other added advantages which, in many cases, are considered as important as fuel saving i.e.
  • Improvement in process efficiency by means of uniformed distribution of heat and more accurate temperature control, For example steam pipe insulation maintains super heat or reduces condensation, permitting the delivery of higher quality steam.
  • Protection of plant from thermal shocks caused by rapid change of temperatures resulting in internal strains, cracking and spoiling of metal structure and especially monolithic refractory lining in Industrial furnaces.
  • Lowering exposed surface temperature of heated system for worker's safety.
  • Making working environments more comfortable for the workers, by reducing heat radiation from the heated equipments and sound emission fro the noisy machines, thereby increasing their working capacity.
  • Absorption of vibration.
  • Fire protection of plant and piping etc.
From its day of inception AKS remains on the forefront of insulation business in the country striving for Economy and Efficiency of your plant, To Enhance It's Performance.