Manpower Management

The plant activities of an industry largely depend on the current market demand of the product, availability of the raw materials and general economic trends in most of the cases, the variation in the activity level is seasonal due to crops, weather conditions and social factors, There are however Erratic Events which effect plant activities such as strikes, floods, Blizzards, fads, riots, fire war scares and other disturbances. These erratic components are by definition unpredictable and do not have a time series.

The requirement of the workers in an industry is directly proportional to plant activity. Owing to the expected or sudden fluctuations in the production programs, the discreet companies find it more feasible to contract the labour rather employing them permanently. By converting the fixed cost factors into variables an industry considerably reduces its over-heads.

AKS is one of the largest and most responsible manpower management and supplying companies in the country. All kinds and any number of skilled, semi-skilled & unskilled labours could be made available in short time.

Since AKS runs and manages many large industrial construction and maintenance projects at any given time, it has abundant labour resources at its disposal, all of which is proven and tried. With a large workforce to draw from, AKS does not need to hire untried and inexperienced workers.

The policy of AKS is of continuous education and orientation of workers on quality standards and working norms. Even the most unskilled worker is not without basic work training and disciplinary manners.

AKS takes the total responsibility of workmanship and conduct of the workers supplied. Any worker failing to perform duties assigned to him shall be replaced immediately by AKS for the benefit of workers and clients alike. All workers are medically examined to ensure their fitness for the work.

AKS Human Resources Management Department, comprises of experienced Admin. Managers and Technical Supervisory Staff to oversee, monitor and inspect the performance and the out put of the workers, both in terms of quality and quantity.

AKS supplies Manpower for new construction, shutdowns, revamps and regular maintenance of Industrial Plants.

Few Reference are:

  • During outage job of PAk-Arab Fertilizer in Multan in 2003, AKS supplied all Manpower required which peaked to 900 strong mostly consisting of skilled persons.
  • AKS has on-going contracts with Jamshoro Power Plant, Sindh and AES Lalpir Power Plant, Mahmood Kot to supply all Manpower for their shut down jobs.
  • In 2005/2006 AKS supplied total Manpower to Chasma Nuclear Power Plant for their Major Shut down Jobs.
  • In 2005/2006 AKS supplied all kinds of Civil and Mechanical Construction Workers for Construction of Pakistan Cement Factory at Kallar Kahar.