Refractory & Fireproofing Works

AKS Operations including, besides various other industrial related services, it has an expertise un-matched in quality, workmanship, and timely completion of projects where Refractory and Fireproofing jobs are an essential ingredient for the smooth running of the system. The scope of jobs covered by the two critical services have a longtime bearing on relations with our potential and valued customers.

Refractory Works

This operation includes the installation of different types of Refractory Material in various Industrial Units. The work scope usually encompasses: Bolting, Anchoring, Welding, Framing, Molding, Casting, Setting Buttering, Bedding, Grouting, Cutting, Toothing, Fitting, Allying, Leveling, Installing of Gaskets, Expansion Joint Material, Grinding, Vibrating and spraying of Refractory Materials.
Removal and cleaning of Worn out Masonry Material, Installation of Chemical Coating, Fireproofing of Membrane Materials by appropriate method required. AKS has an experienced team of Carpenters, Masons, Bricklayers and other workers who have executed Refractory works at various Cement Plant, Metallurgical Plants, Furnaces, Boilers, Kilns etc.

Fire Proofing Works

AKS specializes in the installation of passive fire protection on major Industrial Projects throughout Pakistan.

AKS has established an enviable reputation within the industry, which has evolved from our excellent high standard of work, our wealth of knowledge of the industry, our ability to understand the requirements of our Clients and our dedicated commitment to each project we are involved with. As well as the supply and installation of passive fire protection.
AKS has the ability to spray a full spectrum of spray fireproofing products which start with spraying a standard cementitous material or a Portland based mineral fibre product and then finish with an industrial grade fireproofing product. We have develop and test new techniques with materialand work tirelessly in association with our manufacturers to provide detailed feedback for future improvement.
Some of the Refractory Jobs Performed by AKS
  • Lucky Cement (Pre-Heater + Kiln + Cooler etc.)
  • Pakistan Cement (Pre-Heater + Kiln + Cooler etc.)
  • Pakarab Fertilizer (Furnaces)
  • AES Lalpir Power Plant (Boiler)
  • M. Garh Power Plant ( 2 x 210 MW ) (Boiler + Pre-Heater + Turbine)
  • Hubco Power Plant (Boiler)
  • Jamshoro Power Plant (Boiler + Pre-Heater + Turbine
  • Lakhra Power Station (Air Pre-Heater)
  • National Refinery Lube - 2 (Furnace Refractory
  • Saba Power Plant (Boiler + Pre-Heater + Turbine)
  • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant (Turbine)